Review: Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Behind Closed Doors, is an intense psychological thriller that completely toys with your emotions. Its addictive nature makes this unputdownable and a must-read.

It’s not Gone Girl, but I understand why there’s a comparison. The reason is that (view spoiler), but that’s not enough reason to call it the next Gone Girl. By the way, I think this is better than Gone Girl. That book was so overrated.

Jack is a movie-star handsome lawyer and Grace is a stay-at-home wife who is pleasant and doting. Grace is the perfect cook and host at their dinner parties while Jack appears to be her biggest fan. Grace is thin, but has a hefty appetite at their parties, causing guests to compliment Grace on her ability to keep her figure. Jack is always at her side. His friends Diane and Esther want to invite Grace out for lunch or come by the house during the day, but she’s never available. Their beautiful new home is complete with a beautiful garden, a black iron gate and steel shutters on the bottom windows.

Moira and Giles own a private country house where Grace and Jack had their wedding reception. Adam is another lawyer at Jack’s firm and Diane is his wife. Rufus is married to Esther and Esther appears to dislike Grace. She asks a lot of questions at the dinner party making her appear intrusive and jealous. Jack is always coming to Grace’s defense in conversations and has an answer for everything. Although Grace is thirty-two, she has a seventeen-year-old sister Millie who has Down’s syndrome. So, that’s a rundown of most of the main characters.

This is another book that alternates between past and present, but unlike Before the Fall, this story structure works perfectly in this novel. Although you know it’s really one story, it feels like two stories that merge beautifully at the end. Both stories, if you want to call them two, are both fascinating, so it never loses momentum.

The characterization is fantastic. What made the characterization so great was the dialogue because you got a clear picture of their personalities whenever they spoke. I’ve never hated a character so much in my life. This one character was just so infuriating that I kept yelling at the book whenever the person opened their mouth not to mention the despicable things the person did.

There are a lot of crises before the climax and resolution, but some of the outcomes were predictable. For example, the broken leg and the shading in the book were obvious. It was these moments that prevented this from being a five-star read. This has nice twists, but I guessed the ending after putting the pieces together and recognizing the foreshadowing. It has a great ending, but I didn’t want this to end when it did. I wanted to see Millie’s final reaction. Even with these issues, it’s still a great read. This is one of my favorite psychological thrillers for 2016. If you love the genre, I think you’ll love this one.

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