Rating System

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Five stars means I thought it was incredible! It gave me the “wow” factor, so I rarely give out five stars. I’d buy a copy, reread it and highly recommend it to everyone. I’d also want to read all of the author’s novels.

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Four stars means that I loved it! I loved the writing, characters and storyline, but it didn’t quite have that “wow” factor. I’d recommend it to others and I’d read other novels by the author.

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Three stars means that I liked it, but it had too many flaws for me to love it. There were aspects of the novel that I enjoyed, but aspects that I didn’t like. I’d consider reading other books from the author. I’d recommend that readers borrow it.

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Two stars means that I thought it was OK, but nothing special. It has too many flaws to be likable. I thought it was amateur writing. I’d tell people to skip it.

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One star means that I hated it and thought it was a complete waste of paper or I couldn’t finish it. I’m appalled that it was published at all.